The next chapter of the story is about to begin…

Whew! It has been long, sooooo long since my last blog! Life has been so busy this past months, some are good some are not but just like any other individuals, we manage to cope from the ups and down of life.

My come back has something to do with the new event that is about to happen few months from now. An event that every girl would dream and every couple should do and must do to have the holy sacrament of love, the wedding.

Am I ready? I think I am! however, It’s relative, some might say they’re not but they have to, some might say, yes they are but they have no resources. Readiness comes from the heart and the mind of the 2 individuals who would want to tie the knot from now and forever. Wedding is not a game, it’s a commitment which both of you shall share to the rest of your lives. It takes time before you can decide because once you’re in it, there’s no turning back! (specially here in the Philippines, unless your rich if ever you wish to be annulled).

As my wedding day comes closer and closer to its date, there are factors that will make you think “is it really this year?, can it be done next year” or “I’m chickening out, I don’t think this is not yet the right time”. With these thoughts in my mind, I only do one thing,.. PRAY. Prayer for guidance and a clerer understanding of the new path I’m about to take, prayer for divine intervention to let go of things that might ruin my thoughts and decision and prayer to combat the negativities and turn them to positivities.

As what we have always say, Life is not easy, you have to go with the flow but you have to be careful as to where do you want to be taken by the flow. Cheers to the soon to be brides like me! Always remember, God will never leave us behind, He gave us the best man to marry, it’s up to us on how to become the best wife to the greatest gift God has given to us! 🙂

Happy lovelife to everyone! 🙂


2014: My Year in Review

I know God blesses His people in ways they don’t even know that they are being blessed, like me. I admit that sometimes I take things for granted like forgeting to give grace on the meals I eat, not appreciating things that I receive everyday and worst not recognizing the efforts God has made in every achievement that comes my way, oftentimes, I forget to pray.

This year has been a blast, as we gear to the last day of the year 2014, I want to at least reflect and appreciate ALL the blessings that God bestowed to me and to my family this year. I know that I have sinned, there were temptations, there were times that I felt so great that I forgot to thank God BUT now I have come to realize that what I have achieved now is all because of HIM.

I have a niece, on May 2013, she was diagnosed to have an “inoperable brain tumor” which causes her seizures from time to time, a non communicating hydrocephalus, and a tumor in her eyes which made her totally blind. We were really shocked that time but we never lose any single hope. We prayed, we asked others for prayers, we looked for alternative medicines, we did and we are still doing everything we can to make her feel she’s love and cared for.

This was Nina after her shunt operation last May 2013.


And now, this is Nina with her new sibling Dominic and her whole loving family!


Nina’s health and Domininc is more than a gift to the family, they are a true blessing.

As we go along the year 2014, there were more challenges that came our way, torture gossips, hardships in schools, financial constraints, family conflicts and more. Despite the challenges, our spirit was not broken, hence, it made our family stronger than ever.

After 2 years of hardships, I was able to finish my Masters Degree (Master of Public Health) in University of the Philippines.


The blessing did not just stopped there, it even doubled.

My four years in the Department of Health had been a roller coaster ride for me. There were so many ups and downs, downs that almost crushed me to the ground but that didn’t discouraged me to be good in what I do. It was hard for me to leave, because DOH had been my comfort zone ever since but then the time has came to leave wehen I was offered by another government agency with a better position.

My journey to this another agency had been bittersweet in a way. It was sweet because I gained friends and I’m closer to my MPH buddy, Arriane but then it was bitter because I deemed it was not the right job for me, I felt I can do more and that the technicality of the job offered is as not as technical as I’ve expected it to be so I prayed that God lead me to the path where He knows I can contribute more according to His will.

God really knows the perfect timing. After 2 months in my new job, I was again offered another job, this time, it is really what I have been trained for, disasters.

I was offered a position under the Disaster Risk Reduction Program from an International Humanitarian Organization. It was one of the greatest blessing ever that God has given me this year. My job has given me confidence and the guts to be more that what I was before and I REALLY thank God for that blessing.

God has been great to me, to my family, to my relationship with Francis and to my friends, and I want to lift it all up to Him by giving help to others and be a blessing to others as well. God never fail, He loves us so much that no matter how difficult life is, He always gives us the opportunity to change and become a better person.

Thank you for being a part of my 2014!




Quarter Life Crisis

I am 25 and the year is about to end. I am not quite sure yet of things that I want to do for next year, things I want to change, things that I have to improve on and things that I need to do to achieve my dreams.

I’m very blessed this year, to have finished my Master of Public Health Course  which is my post graduate course, to have been in 3 reputable organizations, from the 2 most famous government institutions and currently serving the country as part of an international humanitarian organization. My relationship with God, family and love life is also remarkable; truly, God has blessed me all the way my journey.

With all these blessings and gifts, some of my friends think, what more could I ask for.

Life is not easy, it never is and whatever we do there will always be obstacles and challenges that will push us to out limit but through God’s divine intervention, no matter how hard life is, He will always be there for us, He will guide us and will never ever leave us.

At this point, I’m quite sure that I am experiencing a quarter life crisis, things that some people of my age are also experiencing. Despite the successes that I have achieved, the positive commendations that most have given to me and the beauty and the fulfillment of my current job, something is still missing. I realized I am still focused on myself and my family, I felt the need to start thinking of my ‘future’ family to establish.

Marriage – yes, maybe. Maybe that is what I am looking for. For us women, these things are not within our control. 99% in the world would agree that marriage is always and must be the guy’s initiative. I agree with that and maybe that is something that could also make or break a couple’s relationship. I am in relationship for more than 6 years and yes we have plans, but we lack the financial capacity (yet) to get into marriage.  We felt that we’re ready but in a way we’re not. We don’t have our basics yet like house, savings for hospitalization (for maternity purposes), we don’t have plans yet for our future kids’ education, I felt that we are still at a loss in this aspect and that’s where my crisis is coming from – my insecurity for our future.

I might have this crisis for now but I know that God is there and I will always and will forever be thankful to HIM for all the blessings, for all the love and the guidance. I know that all this shall pass and He will lead us to the right path where we can find peace and love through His own ways.

When a Door Closes, a Window Opens..

We are witnesses of our friends’ sacrifices in school and in work. Too many issues and too many complaints but none of these made him feel discouraged nor regretful.

He had set his goal that by this year, he’d be able to work in a reputable organization, to graduate as an MPH and to go to Europe. We haven’t even reached the mid of this year but Wow! he had already achieved 2 of his goals, being able to work in World Health Organization and the opportunity to go to Europe. 

I’m just happy for him and I just want to congratulate our friend, Bryan De Guzman for a job well done. YOu did well! Thank you Lord!

Don’t forget our Pasalubong! 🙂

Loving More

Loving efforts.. should and MUST always be appreciated.. otherwise, the sweet act won’t happen again.

It is so good to attend a mass on the very first Sunday of the year. To be with my Francis and my brother who don’t usually attend mass. hehe

Not much for a bonding but enough to say I had a happy day. Every effort of going to church, being with me on the Sundays and spending time with my family is a big big thing to appreciate my boyfriend’s effort. He wasn’t like this before but as time goes by, efforts are taking in, gradually.

When he say “are we good?” (Bati tayo?) It gives me this piece of comfort that somehow, and at some point, I know that we are  good.

I just love being in love. It gives a person a sense of comfort with just the presence of the one you love. Good day everyone.

The 365 days photo challenge 2014

I’m kinda curious about those who does the “365 days Phto challenge” thing. Well, at some point, it wont hurt if I try those too.. Let’s see how long I can cope up with that 365 days. 🙂



These are “Prosperity Candles”. Part of the Filipino tradition is lighting up this 7 candles around 1130 on the New Years Eve, at the exact New Year, the candle that melts the quickest symbolizes the good fortune that the new year will bring followed b the rest.

January 2: Love Tattoo


It is best to start the year when you start it together with the one you love.

January 3: NURSE


Looking good wearing my white uniform as a clinical nurse. Confusing though as to what job should should I choose. Clinical or Public Health? I love both, I just don’t know what to choose between the two.

January 4: Pendant of Love (68h Mothsary)


This was given to me by Francis years ago, but then I accidentally lost it somewhere. I though this pendant has been lost forever, but then, as I was cleaning my room, the pendant that had been lost for years appeared as if it was a magic.