Blessings Do Come in Times When You Needed it Most

“Why did it happen to her, why her?!?”

..that was the first question my sister asked upon knowing the condition of her one month old baby. Her right eye was not fully developed and there’s no chance for her to regain it; even the transplant is not an option, the saddest part of it was, according to her ophthalmologist there is a tumor and if proven to be malignant, the only possible solution is to enucleate her eye.

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I am in no position to tell her that everything will be fine cause apparently, it will never be fine and for a first time mother, it is unacceptable because she took care of her while she was still in her womb and yet the outcome is just ….unacceptable.

Upon reflecting on things, we realized that no matter what her condition is, SHE is still a GIFT from GOD. We prayed and prayed not to question Him but to ask for solutions, to seek for His guidance and for forgiveness for acting rude and for questioning HIm of why her and not the others.

…. She just had her ultrasound, and thank God, that it is not a tumor, but just a cyst that needs to be monitored time to time. Although it is a fact that her right eye is blind, and there is cyst that needs to be monitored on a regular basis, it is also a FACT that GOD never ceases to hear our prayers and He gives His blessing in times when we needed it most.


You’ve Got a Friend in Me, in Us…

Coldness amidst a  hot summer day.

Its a bit odd to go to work when you know that one of your officemates whom you’ve been with for 3 years changed from being a sweet colleague to an aloof stranger.

One of the reason why an employee stay in a stressful work environment is because they enjoy the company of their colleagues, but, what if, no matter how much you still enjoy the company of your ‘other’ colleagues, theres this one person whom you really feel is of much importance to you but is not the same ‘old friend’ you’ve been with anymore?

Inasmuch as I want to free myself out of the misinterpretations and disputes and let my self not to get affected of the situation , I still have this one  humble wish; that no matter what her problems were, she stay humble and may she learn to open herself and see the beauty of love, friendship and happiness that God showers upon to all His creations.