“Super Nina!”

Hello! My name is Nina Rinoa Cadag-Sampayo, I’m already 6 months old, 6 more months to go then I”ll be turning one.

This picture was taken after I had my shunt surgery because of my hydrocephalus.

Please pray for me, I know God is good, and He’ll never get tired of loving me, Please pray for me, as what most people says, more prayers = more miracle!

Thank you! 🙂


Exam Cram!

Here I am again, panicking for our upcoming exam yet still finding time to blog about my frustrations despite the situation. 🙂

I’ve always been like this since I started my post graduate course which is the “Master of Public Health (MPH)”. I know and I strongly believe that I’m not an irresponsible student (maybe, haha), it’s just that I study and I work at the same time, and my work is not the usual one, since being in a health emergency management bureau, everything is on fast pace mode.

Right at this very moment, I hope and I strongly pray for God’s Divine Intervention. Please help me pass my exam, I’m giving it all up to you Lord God. I love you. Thank you Lord for all the blessings and the guidance.

Daily Prompt: Everything Changes | Miracle Granted

“Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.” –The Daily Post 

Wondering about what could be in the letter would be tiresome to think of, but if I could think of something that could immediately change something, that would be a message from God telling me that “Miracle has been granted”.


This is Nina, my niece and my sister, Ciela, NIna’s mother. She looked healthy back then, so normal, so pretty and so happy.  Who would have thought that she is already deeply suffering inside.


This was her when she was on her 3rd month, we thought her reaction was brought about by her developing reflexes, lately did we know that she’s already having seizures plus that cyst in her right eye that according to the doctor, would be blind forever with no possible remedy nor treatment to save her eye.

On that same month, she was diagnosed to have a Neuronal Optic Glioma with Non Communcating Hydrocephalus, a Brain Tumor to make it simple. We were so saddened by the news, everybody cried,  everybody felt… lost; ALL WE could wish for is for a MIRACLE to happen.

She is 5 months old already, active but  is still in the verge of fighting from her disease.


I know and We all know she can make it, she just needs lots and lots of prayers.

PLEASE, Please pray for her.  Thank you. 🙂


Only GOD can turn a “mess” into a “message”

Our Sweet Sojourn in Palawan.


We rarely travel, but when we do, we make it sure that it’s an unforgettable one.

I never thought this would still push through, after all the things that happened, his father’s death, my niece’s brain tumor diagnosis, my mom’s operation and much more, I thank God that we were able to still put this on our schedule.

Maybe this is Gods’ way of telling us that it is the best time to rediscover and to nurture our inner strength after all things that have happened.  

Well, I could say that this is, so far, the best travel we ever had :). To share our thoughts, our sadness, our happiness, our fears and our love for each other, is one of the most pleasurable and the most refreshing moments we could ever have with each other.