“Sincerity and Simplicity always go hand in hand with each other”

Sincerity is one of the most important virtues one could ever have.

In most times, it manifests when something wrong happened and the person needs to apologize for some reason.

In love, conflicts always happen but the sincerity to ask for forgiveness and express regret is not genuine enough  to 100% (percently) prove that your “sorry” is sincere and  truthful.

Francis and I recently had been to minor clash, however, nobody wants to surrender, and he had uttered words not pleasing to my ears. I wanted to get angry and I really wanted to cry it out so I could say we’re quits but then I realized that my action won’t justify whatever the result of that fight would be.

He texted me he’s sorry. The message seems to be simple, not that it is not sincere however its simplicity makes me doubt if its genuine or not. So I relied, “harsh words are only forgiven but not forgotten” just to at least catch his interest and gain more attention from him, we had series of conversation that also almost led to another quarrel, but then after a 15 minutes of nonstop exchange of text messages, he texted me.. “I just want you to be safe, my demand is not for me but for you, it is for your safety, it is as simple as that”. The message left me quite wordless,  all the while I thought, he was just being cold and insensitive, what I failed to notice is that his way of caring is different from other people and that I need to respect it and believe that what he wants is what’s the best for me.

Sometimes, things don’t go the way how we dream it to be but most of the times, reality is better than any dreams, we just have to appreciate it.


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