The 365 days photo challenge 2014

I’m kinda curious about those who does the “365 days Phto challenge” thing. Well, at some point, it wont hurt if I try those too.. Let’s see how long I can cope up with that 365 days. 🙂



These are “Prosperity Candles”. Part of the Filipino tradition is lighting up this 7 candles around 1130 on the New Years Eve, at the exact New Year, the candle that melts the quickest symbolizes the good fortune that the new year will bring followed b the rest.

January 2: Love Tattoo


It is best to start the year when you start it together with the one you love.

January 3: NURSE


Looking good wearing my white uniform as a clinical nurse. Confusing though as to what job should should I choose. Clinical or Public Health? I love both, I just don’t know what to choose between the two.

January 4: Pendant of Love (68h Mothsary)


This was given to me by Francis years ago, but then I accidentally lost it somewhere. I though this pendant has been lost forever, but then, as I was cleaning my room, the pendant that had been lost for years appeared as if it was a magic.


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