Salut! Janvier 2014 – Becoming a “Better” Person

Happy New Year, everyone!

My entry is kind of late but, as what they always say, “better late than never”. haha!
Well, a lot of people are, again, very busy making their new years resolutions and the likes, but me, well I don’t know, I just want to be a better person. Sounds lame right?, however, no matter how lame my statement is, I believe it will never be out of tune.

..Better person?…huh?!?
First and foremost, how shall I define “better” in my own context.. well, better means:

1. Spiritual – yes, spiritual in a sense of making myself closer to God. The past years, after I graduated from college I had no enough time to worship Him. I took advantage of what I have that I forget what and for who the Sunday really is. I felt empty, I felt lost for so many times, I didn’t even know how to get back to the old me. When I realized what was missing, He led me back to Him. I realized that no matter how long my absence was, He still welcomed me to His church and reminded me how blessed I am and that I am not alone cause He was there when I thought there was no one for me.

2. Selfless – I’ve been so selfish. I only think of what’s good for ME, what’s in it for ME?, How about ME?, ME, ME, ME so many ME’s! That I took for granted the word OURs.. I am a family person, however, when things get tough, I always get back to “me” which I find to a cowardly thing to do. Now, I now where I stand, I know that life isn’t just about me, it’s about them, my family, my loved ones… Time is of essence, and I cannot take that for granted just like what I did the past years.

3. more LOVING – Up, down, up, down,.. that was the pattern of our relationship the past year. Francis and I had so many fights that almost broke us apart. I cannot blame him, nor blame my self but I know somewhere along the way, I have faults and there were so many disappointments and frustrations on my part that caused the misunderstandings. I want us to be better, I want us to stick together no matter what. I love him dearly, God knows how much I love him, I’ll do everything and anything to strengthen our foundations even more.

BIG Words, Big responsibilities, but I know that no matter how BIG those words are, I know I can do it.. Through HIs guidance, I know that I, WE, all of us can survive this year. Full of enthusiasm and love in my heart, let us all welcome the year 2014 with a big big smile and faith with God! God bless everyone! Once again, happy NEw YEar!


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