Loving More

Loving efforts.. should and MUST always be appreciated.. otherwise, the sweet act won’t happen again.

It is so good to attend a mass on the very first Sunday of the year. To be with my Francis and my brother who don’t usually attend mass. hehe

Not much for a bonding but enough to say I had a happy day. Every effort of going to church, being with me on the Sundays and spending time with my family is a big big thing to appreciate my boyfriend’s effort. He wasn’t like this before but as time goes by, efforts are taking in, gradually.

When he say “are we good?” (Bati tayo?) It gives me this piece of comfort that somehow, and at some point, I know that we are  good.

I just love being in love. It gives a person a sense of comfort with just the presence of the one you love. Good day everyone.


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