Quarter Life Crisis

I am 25 and the year is about to end. I am not quite sure yet of things that I want to do for next year, things I want to change, things that I have to improve on and things that I need to do to achieve my dreams.

I’m very blessed this year, to have finished my Master of Public Health Course  which is my post graduate course, to have been in 3 reputable organizations, from the 2 most famous government institutions and currently serving the country as part of an international humanitarian organization. My relationship with God, family and love life is also remarkable; truly, God has blessed me all the way my journey.

With all these blessings and gifts, some of my friends think, what more could I ask for.

Life is not easy, it never is and whatever we do there will always be obstacles and challenges that will push us to out limit but through God’s divine intervention, no matter how hard life is, He will always be there for us, He will guide us and will never ever leave us.

At this point, I’m quite sure that I am experiencing a quarter life crisis, things that some people of my age are also experiencing. Despite the successes that I have achieved, the positive commendations that most have given to me and the beauty and the fulfillment of my current job, something is still missing. I realized I am still focused on myself and my family, I felt the need to start thinking of my ‘future’ family to establish.

Marriage – yes, maybe. Maybe that is what I am looking for. For us women, these things are not within our control. 99% in the world would agree that marriage is always and must be the guy’s initiative. I agree with that and maybe that is something that could also make or break a couple’s relationship. I am in relationship for more than 6 years and yes we have plans, but we lack the financial capacity (yet) to get into marriage.  We felt that we’re ready but in a way we’re not. We don’t have our basics yet like house, savings for hospitalization (for maternity purposes), we don’t have plans yet for our future kids’ education, I felt that we are still at a loss in this aspect and that’s where my crisis is coming from – my insecurity for our future.

I might have this crisis for now but I know that God is there and I will always and will forever be thankful to HIM for all the blessings, for all the love and the guidance. I know that all this shall pass and He will lead us to the right path where we can find peace and love through His own ways.


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