2014: My Year in Review

I know God blesses His people in ways they don’t even know that they are being blessed, like me. I admit that sometimes I take things for granted like forgeting to give grace on the meals I eat, not appreciating things that I receive everyday and worst not recognizing the efforts God has made in every achievement that comes my way, oftentimes, I forget to pray.

This year has been a blast, as we gear to the last day of the year 2014, I want to at least reflect and appreciate ALL the blessings that God bestowed to me and to my family this year. I know that I have sinned, there were temptations, there were times that I felt so great that I forgot to thank God BUT now I have come to realize that what I have achieved now is all because of HIM.

I have a niece, on May 2013, she was diagnosed to have an “inoperable brain tumor” which causes her seizures from time to time, a non communicating hydrocephalus, and a tumor in her eyes which made her totally blind. We were really shocked that time but we never lose any single hope. We prayed, we asked others for prayers, we looked for alternative medicines, we did and we are still doing everything we can to make her feel she’s love and cared for.

This was Nina after her shunt operation last May 2013.


And now, this is Nina with her new sibling Dominic and her whole loving family!


Nina’s health and Domininc is more than a gift to the family, they are a true blessing.

As we go along the year 2014, there were more challenges that came our way, torture gossips, hardships in schools, financial constraints, family conflicts and more. Despite the challenges, our spirit was not broken, hence, it made our family stronger than ever.

After 2 years of hardships, I was able to finish my Masters Degree (Master of Public Health) in University of the Philippines.


The blessing did not just stopped there, it even doubled.

My four years in the Department of Health had been a roller coaster ride for me. There were so many ups and downs, downs that almost crushed me to the ground but that didn’t discouraged me to be good in what I do. It was hard for me to leave, because DOH had been my comfort zone ever since but then the time has came to leave wehen I was offered by another government agency with a better position.

My journey to this another agency had been bittersweet in a way. It was sweet because I gained friends and I’m closer to my MPH buddy, Arriane but then it was bitter because I deemed it was not the right job for me, I felt I can do more and that the technicality of the job offered is as not as technical as I’ve expected it to be so I prayed that God lead me to the path where He knows I can contribute more according to His will.

God really knows the perfect timing. After 2 months in my new job, I was again offered another job, this time, it is really what I have been trained for, disasters.

I was offered a position under the Disaster Risk Reduction Program from an International Humanitarian Organization. It was one of the greatest blessing ever that God has given me this year. My job has given me confidence and the guts to be more that what I was before and I REALLY thank God for that blessing.

God has been great to me, to my family, to my relationship with Francis and to my friends, and I want to lift it all up to Him by giving help to others and be a blessing to others as well. God never fail, He loves us so much that no matter how difficult life is, He always gives us the opportunity to change and become a better person.

Thank you for being a part of my 2014!





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