The Need to Go Abroad.

I’ve been employed for 3 years BUT ¬†in that 3 years, I haven’t saved anything.

“It’s so F.R.U.S.T.R.A.T.I.N.G!” My colleagues have been hearing that from me for quite sometime already.

God knows how much I’ve tried to save money, God knows how hard i worked to maintain my job, and I know God knows my frustration, but I kept asking why is that no matter how hard I try to make things work, every time I put my investment into something (business and the likes), I always end up empty handed.

A lot of my friends are trying their luck abroad but for me, ever since i graduated, I never dreamed of going somewhere else to work. Not that I’m being heroic or something but I believe that I can live better here. THAT, was my mindset before, but as years passes by and I am eventually seeing myself as a person who is “not moving on in life” , I started to to have this second thought of going abroad.

I know there are lots of consequences, there are sacrifices to make, there are worries but behind those, are for the benefit of everybody in return.

I hate to think about it!, Believe me, I cant even imagine the pain it would cost me by leaving my family and the man I love just to earn for our future but situation has left me no choice, but to seek answer and solution in the world far away from here…. ¬†Abroad..