The 365 days photo challenge 2014

I’m kinda curious about those who does the “365 days Phto challenge” thing. Well, at some point, it wont hurt if I try those too.. Let’s see how long I can cope up with that 365 days. 🙂



These are “Prosperity Candles”. Part of the Filipino tradition is lighting up this 7 candles around 1130 on the New Years Eve, at the exact New Year, the candle that melts the quickest symbolizes the good fortune that the new year will bring followed b the rest.

January 2: Love Tattoo


It is best to start the year when you start it together with the one you love.

January 3: NURSE


Looking good wearing my white uniform as a clinical nurse. Confusing though as to what job should should I choose. Clinical or Public Health? I love both, I just don’t know what to choose between the two.

January 4: Pendant of Love (68h Mothsary)


This was given to me by Francis years ago, but then I accidentally lost it somewhere. I though this pendant has been lost forever, but then, as I was cleaning my room, the pendant that had been lost for years appeared as if it was a magic.


Salut! Janvier 2014 – Becoming a “Better” Person

Happy New Year, everyone!

My entry is kind of late but, as what they always say, “better late than never”. haha!
Well, a lot of people are, again, very busy making their new years resolutions and the likes, but me, well I don’t know, I just want to be a better person. Sounds lame right?, however, no matter how lame my statement is, I believe it will never be out of tune.

..Better person?…huh?!?
First and foremost, how shall I define “better” in my own context.. well, better means:

1. Spiritual – yes, spiritual in a sense of making myself closer to God. The past years, after I graduated from college I had no enough time to worship Him. I took advantage of what I have that I forget what and for who the Sunday really is. I felt empty, I felt lost for so many times, I didn’t even know how to get back to the old me. When I realized what was missing, He led me back to Him. I realized that no matter how long my absence was, He still welcomed me to His church and reminded me how blessed I am and that I am not alone cause He was there when I thought there was no one for me.

2. Selfless – I’ve been so selfish. I only think of what’s good for ME, what’s in it for ME?, How about ME?, ME, ME, ME so many ME’s! That I took for granted the word OURs.. I am a family person, however, when things get tough, I always get back to “me” which I find to a cowardly thing to do. Now, I now where I stand, I know that life isn’t just about me, it’s about them, my family, my loved ones… Time is of essence, and I cannot take that for granted just like what I did the past years.

3. more LOVING – Up, down, up, down,.. that was the pattern of our relationship the past year. Francis and I had so many fights that almost broke us apart. I cannot blame him, nor blame my self but I know somewhere along the way, I have faults and there were so many disappointments and frustrations on my part that caused the misunderstandings. I want us to be better, I want us to stick together no matter what. I love him dearly, God knows how much I love him, I’ll do everything and anything to strengthen our foundations even more.

BIG Words, Big responsibilities, but I know that no matter how BIG those words are, I know I can do it.. Through HIs guidance, I know that I, WE, all of us can survive this year. Full of enthusiasm and love in my heart, let us all welcome the year 2014 with a big big smile and faith with God! God bless everyone! Once again, happy NEw YEar!

“Super Nina!”

Hello! My name is Nina Rinoa Cadag-Sampayo, I’m already 6 months old, 6 more months to go then I”ll be turning one.

This picture was taken after I had my shunt surgery because of my hydrocephalus.

Please pray for me, I know God is good, and He’ll never get tired of loving me, Please pray for me, as what most people says, more prayers = more miracle!

Thank you! 🙂

Blessings Do Come in Times When You Needed it Most

“Why did it happen to her, why her?!?”

..that was the first question my sister asked upon knowing the condition of her one month old baby. Her right eye was not fully developed and there’s no chance for her to regain it; even the transplant is not an option, the saddest part of it was, according to her ophthalmologist there is a tumor and if proven to be malignant, the only possible solution is to enucleate her eye.

2013-02-24 08.55.07

I am in no position to tell her that everything will be fine cause apparently, it will never be fine and for a first time mother, it is unacceptable because she took care of her while she was still in her womb and yet the outcome is just ….unacceptable.

Upon reflecting on things, we realized that no matter what her condition is, SHE is still a GIFT from GOD. We prayed and prayed not to question Him but to ask for solutions, to seek for His guidance and for forgiveness for acting rude and for questioning HIm of why her and not the others.

…. She just had her ultrasound, and thank God, that it is not a tumor, but just a cyst that needs to be monitored time to time. Although it is a fact that her right eye is blind, and there is cyst that needs to be monitored on a regular basis, it is also a FACT that GOD never ceases to hear our prayers and He gives His blessing in times when we needed it most.