The next chapter of the story is about to begin…

Whew! It has been long, sooooo long since my last blog! Life has been so busy this past months, some are good some are not but just like any other individuals, we manage to cope from the ups and down of life.

My come back has something to do with the new event that is about to happen few months from now. An event that every girl would dream and every couple should do and must do to have the holy sacrament of love, the wedding.

Am I ready? I think I am! however, It’s relative, some might say they’re not but they have to, some might say, yes they are but they have no resources. Readiness comes from the heart and the mind of the 2 individuals who would want to tie the knot from now and forever. Wedding is not a game, it’s a commitment which both of you shall share to the rest of your lives. It takes time before you can decide because once you’re in it, there’s no turning back! (specially here in the Philippines, unless your rich if ever you wish to be annulled).

As my wedding day comes closer and closer to its date, there are factors that will make you think “is it really this year?, can it be done next year” or “I’m chickening out, I don’t think this is not yet the right time”. With these thoughts in my mind, I only do one thing,.. PRAY. Prayer for guidance and a clerer understanding of the new path I’m about to take, prayer for divine intervention to let go of things that might ruin my thoughts and decision and prayer to combat the negativities and turn them to positivities.

As what we have always say, Life is not easy, you have to go with the flow but you have to be careful as to where do you want to be taken by the flow. Cheers to the soon to be brides like me! Always remember, God will never leave us behind, He gave us the best man to marry, it’s up to us on how to become the best wife to the greatest gift God has given to us! 🙂

Happy lovelife to everyone! 🙂


When a Door Closes, a Window Opens..

We are witnesses of our friends’ sacrifices in school and in work. Too many issues and too many complaints but none of these made him feel discouraged nor regretful.

He had set his goal that by this year, he’d be able to work in a reputable organization, to graduate as an MPH and to go to Europe. We haven’t even reached the mid of this year but Wow! he had already achieved 2 of his goals, being able to work in World Health Organization and the opportunity to go to Europe. 

I’m just happy for him and I just want to congratulate our friend, Bryan De Guzman for a job well done. YOu did well! Thank you Lord!

Don’t forget our Pasalubong! 🙂

Loving More

Loving efforts.. should and MUST always be appreciated.. otherwise, the sweet act won’t happen again.

It is so good to attend a mass on the very first Sunday of the year. To be with my Francis and my brother who don’t usually attend mass. hehe

Not much for a bonding but enough to say I had a happy day. Every effort of going to church, being with me on the Sundays and spending time with my family is a big big thing to appreciate my boyfriend’s effort. He wasn’t like this before but as time goes by, efforts are taking in, gradually.

When he say “are we good?” (Bati tayo?) It gives me this piece of comfort that somehow, and at some point, I know that we are  good.

I just love being in love. It gives a person a sense of comfort with just the presence of the one you love. Good day everyone.

Daily Prompt: Everything Changes | Miracle Granted

“Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.” –The Daily Post 

Wondering about what could be in the letter would be tiresome to think of, but if I could think of something that could immediately change something, that would be a message from God telling me that “Miracle has been granted”.


This is Nina, my niece and my sister, Ciela, NIna’s mother. She looked healthy back then, so normal, so pretty and so happy.  Who would have thought that she is already deeply suffering inside.


This was her when she was on her 3rd month, we thought her reaction was brought about by her developing reflexes, lately did we know that she’s already having seizures plus that cyst in her right eye that according to the doctor, would be blind forever with no possible remedy nor treatment to save her eye.

On that same month, she was diagnosed to have a Neuronal Optic Glioma with Non Communcating Hydrocephalus, a Brain Tumor to make it simple. We were so saddened by the news, everybody cried,  everybody felt… lost; ALL WE could wish for is for a MIRACLE to happen.

She is 5 months old already, active but  is still in the verge of fighting from her disease.


I know and We all know she can make it, she just needs lots and lots of prayers.

PLEASE, Please pray for her.  Thank you. 🙂